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Water Features

Find your paradise…

Bring your landscape to life with the beauty and sound produced by a gorgeous waterscape! Whether you prefer a serene water garden or a stunning waterfall, the experts at Cutting Edge Landscaping can help you create a water feature that will become a favorite feature of your property.

Moving water such as streams and custom-designed cascades not only make any space look magnificent, they can provide a sense of peace and pleasure by masking ambient sound such as traffic noise. Water features such as fountains or pondless waterfalls offer attractive options for smaller spaces. Koi ponds are available for small and larger areas, and offer a restful retreat from the daily bustle.

Waterscapes can be even more magical with the addition of lighting. Let our experience with custom landscape lighting create a dazzling night-time water display.

… and lose the stress

Cutting Edge will make sure your water feature is an enjoyable asset, not a chore. We pride ourselves in creating well-balanced, low-maintenance, small scale ecosystems that stay healthy and attractive with minimal maintenance required.

Water features provide property owners beauty and relaxation. However, a subpar installation of a water feature can easily make your outdoor living experience miserable. Cutting Edge offers professional, code-compliant installations and great maintenance service plans to keep your water features running smoothly. Choose Cutting Edge Landscaping for the expertise, experience, and equipment to design and create a stress-free water paradise on your property.