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Decks & Patios

Set the stage …

Want to expand your living space, and create an attractive and welcoming new area for entertainment and relaxation? Set the stage with a new custom deck or patio!

The designers at Cutting Edge Landscaping can help you start enjoying life outdoors with a deck or patio that complements your current architectural style and personal preferences. The variety in deck and patio design is nearly limitless, and can add value to your property by enhancing elegance and curb appeal. And don’t forget all the benefits of additional outdoor space for cooking and entertaining, family recreation or just quiet relaxation.

Whether you favor a natural look, classic southern, or modern chic, our experts will help you select the design and materials for an deck or patio and will exceed your expectations. Unsure of the differences between natural and manufactured wood products? Need help selecting among flagstones, brick, tile, pavers, natural stones, or travertine? Our friendly staff will take the worries out of design process to help your design dream become an enjoyable, low-maintenance, long-lasting reality.

…for lasting enjoyment

Your new deck or patio should be a source of enjoyment; not a maintenance headache. When you’re ready to expand your outdoor space, you want experienced, licensed professionals on your side. Cutting Edge Landscaping has more than a decade of experience serving businesses and homeowners in middle Georgia. Not only do we adhere to best construction practices and all applicable building codes, we can help you select materials will cheat time, resist the elements, and beat the Georgia heat.

Get the job done right with the experts at Cutting Edge. Ready to expand your outdoor horizons?