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Arbors, Fences & Mailboxes

The perfect finishing touches…

When it comes to establishing setting, nothing compares to the exquisite charm a well-placed arbor or gazebo can afford your property. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful variety of flowering vines that grow in central Georgia, while simultaneously creating a shady haven to escape the summer heat.

Whether you wish to create a dramatic backdrop that highlights the beauty of your planting areas or want the benefits of privacy and security, the right fence isn’t simple a “nice touch,” it is a essential part of your landscape. The experts at Cutting Edge can help you find and build that perfect fence that fits your needs and taste; whether it is keeping the pets in, your children safe, or an unwanted sight out, we have you covered with our exceptional variety and flexibility.

Want more curb appeal? Start at the curb! An often-overlooked feature – but an important one – is the look of charm and sophistication a custom made and well landscaped mailbox can add to your yard. After all, your mailbox is a landmark that people use to identify your home, so don’t let an old rusty box with stick-on numbers make the first impression! Let the friendly Cutting Edge crew help you make your house more inviting.

… help bring it all together

At Cutting Edge we pay attention to details, and appreciate the fact that it is the little things that make the difference between merely good versus excellent results in landscape design. Our custom designs and large selection of materials allows us to give you a great cohesive look between your existing architecture and new landscaping features.