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Sod & Seed Installation

Sod for a beautiful lawn or athletic field – quickly

Cutting Edge offers sod installation services for all needs, from residential properties, new construction, to the largest commercial properties. We can handle the smallest lawn remediation jobs, even if only a small area needs to be repaired – we will supply just the right amount and type of sod for your needs. Have a bigger job such as athletic fields or a large commercial property? We have the equipment, expertise and personnel to handle your project.

Central Georgia is a primary producer of high-quality sod. We choose only the best sod from farms in the region, so that you receive fresh-cut, thick, healthy, hardy sod perfectly suited to the weather of middle Georgia. Let our expert technicians help you select from some of the most popular sod grasses for central Georgia, including Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia and Fescue.

sod and seed installation macon ga

We offer full-service sod installation, beginning with careful ground preparation, including vegetation removal, grading for proper runoff and drainage, and topsoil addition (when needed). We also offer debris removal following sod installations and other work – all we leave behind is a beautiful lawn.

Both sod and seed offer great solutions for:

  • Golf courses/sports fields
  • Construction sites & roadsides
  • Parks & schools
  • Residential Lots
  • Erosion control
  • Commercial acreage

Seed for cost-efficient coverage

Seeding offers a cost-efficient alternative to sod for establishing new lawns. Though seeding does not offer an “instant lawn” in the way that sod does, many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly seeding can establish a new lawn. Using technologies such as hydroseeding, in which a mixture of seed, fertilizer and a binding medium is sprayed onto the area to be seeded, your new lawn can be ready for its first mowing within 30 days.

Seed is not only a great way to start a new lawn, it is also effective for rejuvenating existing lawns or worn green spaces on commercial properties and athletic fields. Lawns not only suffer from normal traffic and usage which compacts the soil, making it more difficult for healthy root growth and water and nutrient absorption, the middle Georgia climate can also put stress on your lawn. Our long hot summers can cause heat stress and damage from periods of drought. Our overseeding services can make your tired, damaged lawn look new again at a fraction of the cost of sod.

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