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Pressure Washing & Stump Grinding

Getting it clean: Pressure washing

Keeping the exterior of your home or business clean can have a big impact on its appearance and value and can also increase the lifespan of many building materials, lowering overall maintenance and repair costs. Pressure washing offers significant advantages in time savings, the ability to remove difficult stains and stuck-on materials, and – in many situations – the ability to get even the toughest jobs done without the use of cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals.

In the right hands, a pressure washer is a powerful tool that will leave your siding, sidewalk, driveway, deck and other structures sparkling clean. However, as many a do-it-yourselfer has learned, a pressure washer will also easily remove shingles, pieces of siding, and can quickly cut a muddy trench in lawn areas. Our trained and experienced technicians can use this tool with precision, cleaning even your toughest dirty areas while caring for delicate surfaces.

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Keeping it neat (and safe): Stump grinding

Stumps are not just an eyesore in your landscape; the holes they leave as they rot away can be dangerous to family members and pets, and a liability concern for commercial property owners. Old stumps can also attract some of Georgia’s most annoying and costly pests, including termites and fire ants.

If your stump removal job includes a pest problem, we also offer pest control services. By controlling any pest problems you currently have and removing habitat areas by removing stumps, you can reduce the insect problems on your property.

Our experienced technicians use the latest in stump removal equipment, and can reduce even the largest stumps to fine mulch. Stumps can be removed below ground level, so that you are left with smooth, unbroken turf. We also remove all debris, leaving your yard neat and clean.

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