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Pine Straw & Mulch

So many choices …

Mulch may not be the most glamorous of landscaping topics, but it is one of the most important, both for plant health and to give you property a neat, finished appearance. Our clients are often surprised (and pleased!) at the way a dark, long-lasting, high-quality mulch makes their ornamental plants and flowers “pop” – colors simply leap out from your landscape, drawing the viewer’s eye to the best features of your property. Properly edged and mulched planting areas also add that well-groomed, professional touch to any yard.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, proper use of mulching materials can also provide health benefits for your plants, including:

  • reducing evaporation and lowering watering needs
  • controlling water runoff and preventing erosion
  • reducing weed growth
  • insulating tender plant roots from temperature extremes
Mulch offers many choices of materials, from natural stone of all sizes and colors to long-lasting organic materials such as various hardwoods and softwoods. Natural and dyed colors are available, allowing your landscape designer to find the perfect palette of color to complement your property.

… including a Southern favorite

Why is pine straw such a favorite mulching material for homes and business properties in the south, and especially in Georgia? Not only does it help control runoff, provide the moisture retention and improve planting bed appearance in the same way that other mulch materials do, it also is a natural method of enhancing your soil. Pine straw is usually acidic, which can provide benefits for many favorite southern ornamental plants, including azaleas, camellias, chrysanthemums, day lilies, gardenias, roses – and, of course, the official Georgia state flower, the cherokee rose. Many trees, including evergreen types, holly, and dogwood do well when mulched with pine straw.

In addition to these benefits, pine straw is less expensive than many mulching materials, and can be a good choice where there are large areas or many planting beds to be protected with mulch.

Cutting Edge Landscaping offer the highest quality mulching materials, and our friendly, knowledagble professionals are ready to help you choose the best ones for you. Give us a call today for a free consultation on all your lawn care needs!