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Tree & Shrub Installation

The best plans …

Even the most beautiful landscape design looks barren without the variety, color and shade provided by trees, shrubs and perennial plants. Landscape plantings bring a landscape to life, allowing the owner to highlight specific features or areas of a property. The best designs look natural, but are actually the results of careful planning and design skill.

Over the years we have seen all kinds of landscapes, from beautiful designs that are professionally created and maintained, to very poor designs that do little to enhance the beauty or value of the land. In some cases, it seems that the planting instructions the installer followed were limited to “Dig a hole, and throw the plant in leafy end up.”

With our extensive experience in selecting the right plants for the central Georgia climate and access to the best nurseries in the region, we can help you select the finest trees, shrubs and perennial plants for your unique design. We carefully hand select each plant that will be installed in your landscape project.

… lead to lasting beauty

When we install your plants, they are planted in a soil blend specific to our region so that they will quickly adapt to their new homes and stay healthy. Young plants are susceptible to disease and damage until established, so the landscaper’s expertise can be the difference between an established planting and trees or shrubs that die or grow poorly.

Our goal is to provide health plants that are planted properly, so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of your landscape as soon as possible.

Want to beautify your property while minimizing your watering needs? We can help you select drought-tolerant plants that meet your design preferences while lowering the water required for maintenance.

Don’t forget that with a Cutting Edge maintenance contract, you can be assured that your landscape plantings will stay in top shape year round. Whether you have a new construction project, or simply want to find out how well-designed plantings can beautify your existing property, give us a call today.