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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Beauty, security, safety and savings!

Our design expertise with the latest technologies in low voltage lighting can help you turn your landscape into an amazing “nightscape,” showcasing your home or business even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting offers more than aesthetic enhancement of your landscape; it can offer extended usage of your outdoor spaces as well as security benefits for both residential and commercial properties.

Another benefit of low-voltage outdoor lighting is the inherent safety it offers. Unlike 110-volt household current, children and pets are in no danger from a fatal electrical shock should they come in contact with a cut or chewed cable. Low-voltage installations are a great choice for any outdoor application, especially near water features and pools.

Low-voltage landscape lighting can offer significant cost savings, also. By using multiple low-voltage lights, we can create a stunning design that will illuminate your landscaping features far better than a pole light or other standard outdoor light. And by using low-voltage lights rather than standard 110 volt fixtures, you’ll enjoy savings on energy bills.

outdoor low voltage lighting
outdoor low voltage lighting

Painting with light

Whether you’re lighting a walkway, a landscape, a deck, or an entire yard, outdoor lighting can be a great “finishing touch” for your landscape design. However, there’s a lot more to installing landscape lighting than simply installing a few fixtures. The best designs are unobtrusive – you don’t notice the fixtures, but the effect is visually stunning.

Our outdoor lighting experts can help you create a design that accentuates the positive, from creating a welcoming space for rest and recreation to highlighting the unique architectural details of your home or business. The best designs are works of art, where the medium is light. Cutting Edge Landscaping offers comprehensive services, from design and installation to outstanding maintenance service to keep your outdoor lighting in perfect working order. We can also help you with specialty lighting needs, such as custom-designed holiday lighting or designs for special events.

Ready to enjoy the benefits outdoor lighting has to offer? Call us today to learn more about how a professionally-designed landscape lighting design can improve the appearance of your home or business!

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