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Why do some landscaping companies consistently create beautiful landscapes that increase in beauty and value over the years? What separates the very best landscaping businesses from the rest? It’s the dedication to constant learning. Landscaping is part science, part art, and a lot of hard work. New technologies in equipment, fertilizers and techniques are emerging every year.

Popular tastes in design are also constantly evolving. For years, landscaping was just about curb appeal – an afterthought, something to pay attention to when selling your property. Today, homeowners and commercial property managers alike are asking, “What can my landscaping do for me?” Outdoor kitchens, ponds, and firepits/fireplaces expand your property with outdoor living options. Landscape lighting, secret gardens, and water features with unique aquatic plants and fish enhance homes and businesses in new ways, adding value and enjoyment.

At Cutting Edge Landscaping we love what we do – that’s why we are constantly updating our knowledge and sharpening our expertise to help bring you the best landscaping services in Middle Georgia.

We offer a full array of landscaping services to meet your needs. From small projects to help improve the outdoor space for a single homeowner, to large residential construction projects or commercial properties and industrial parks, Cutting Edge has the personnel, equipment and expertise to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our landscaping and design services include:

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