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Irrigation Inspection & Repair

Keep the water flowing…

You already know that Cutting Edge Landscaping designs and installs irrigation systems customized for the specific needs of your home or business property. You’re savvy enough to be aware of all the benefits of a professionally-installed irrigation system offers – healthy turf and plants, savings on watering costs, and the simplicity of a fully automatic system. And when you were ready for an irrigation system, you were smart enough to call the friendly folks at Cutting Edge Landscaping to design and install it for you.

But how do you keep your system in top shape, to ensure the health of your landscape and your budget?

…without letting your cash leak away!

We offer irrigation system inspection and repair services to keep your system in peak condition. Any irrigation system will need periodic adjustment as planting areas change or new shrubs or trees are added. Our trained technicians will make sure all your plants and turf are receiving the right amount of water and eliminate overwatering, which can lead to poor plant health and cause boggy areas or erosion.

Even if we did not install your system, call us for an inspection and repair to make sure it is operating correctly; an incorrectly-adjusted, malfunctioning or damaged irrigation system can cost hundreds of dollars over a single season. Don’t let your hard-earned dollars leak away, call us today to make sure you’re getting the most out of your irrigation system.

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